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I just saw a friend of excavation at a coffee shop and he introduced me to your partner’s wife. He explained to her I was a podiatrist and foot surgeon. The girl launched into a trade in the nightmares of shoe shopping, and how there was nasty pain with every cutting edge pair, thinking that each might make her bunions will become worse. She asked, “Do shoes cause bunions? inches Several solution to this is to avoid shoes that are likely to either cause bunions by increase the magnitude of stress on the big toe joint. This means wear good shoes. Shop for shoes which use only a moderate heel; two inches or less. Use common sense. If you have a function to attend such as a wedding, formal ball or nonprofit event, it is unlikely that you night in pretty shoes will do any long-term destruction. Just don’t wear stilettos every day. You also want to be sure that you avoid shoes that have seams or stitching designed to press or rub against the big toe joint, further irritating the bunion. In addition, restricted shoes and those with a seam that runs right with the bump (bursa) can make the bunion much more painful and irritated. Often times, tight shoes and boots will cause bursitis (irritation for the bursa) or inflammation in the big toe joint. If you have the bunion can become white, tender and inflamed. Now, having said that shoes do not cause bunions, let me clear up by saying that shoes can (and often do) make them much worse. Using high-heeled shoes can a lot...