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The Gagauzes of Ukraine. Who will be they?

The Gagauzes of Ukraine. Who will be they? Gagauzes can be A christian that is orthodox turkic-speaking, the descendants for the nomadic Oghuz tribes. The Ukrainian Gagauzes have already been compactly moving into the villages and towns of Bessarabia (Budzhak). The Gagauz tradition, traditions, and food have actually changed considering that the use of Christianity. Nowadays the tradition of celebrating one of several major holiday breaks of this Gagauz people, Hederlez or Saint George’s Day, is combining pagan, Muslim, and Christian elements. Vynohradivka is just a town in Bessarabia, that was launched by the Gagauzes and Bulgarians during the early nineteenth century. The town ended up being unofficially divided in to the Bulgarian plus the Gagauz parts. The founders of Vynohradivka (the old title for the village had been Kurcu) originated from the villages Akbiri and Balchik in Bulgaria. In line with the legend now told by the locals, whenever Gagauzes and Bulgarians stumbled on this land, they let their lambs first off to graze. They made a decision to subside where in fact the lambs discovered meals. Nowadays the folks of Vynohradivka earnestly support and develop the Gagauz tradition and discover their mom tongue. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine supports publication of textbooks when it comes to neighborhood kiddies to discover the Gagauz language . Besides, the Regional Centre of Gagauz tradition and a museum had been created in Vynohradivka. Composer of the very first textbooks, in addition to manager regarding the Сultural Сentre, is Olga Kulaksyz. Through the ancient times, the Gagauz calendar had a unique function: it approximately divided the season into two...